Keyword Intelligence Overview

In an effort to answer the question—is it worth switching to BiQ?—we’re going to explore BiQ’s Keyword Intelligence tool.

AI-powered recommendations for semantically-related keywords, long tail keyword phrases, fresh content ideas, and trending topics will keep you informed and equipped to deliver valuable content that users actually want and need.

Keep in mind all of your data viewpoints can be saved to a collection for later use, in addition to being downloadable in .csv and .pdf formats, saving you countless hours and dollars.

Getting started with Keyword Intelligence

Using the Keyword Intelligence tool gives you access to four reports that will help you understand your target keyword:

  1. Related Keywords
  2. Content Ideas
  3. Popular Questions
  4. Trending Searches

BiQ charges you only for the features you use. For example, if you only want to view a single report, you will only charged for that report. This is unlike other SEO tools that charge you a flat, monthly fee to use all of the services whether you need them or not.

Getting results with BiQ’s Keyword Intelligence tool takes literal seconds. Analyzing the large amounts of data provided by the tool makes easy work of understanding popular keywords in your niche.

Here are the few simple steps you can take to start getting results with BiQ’s Keyword Intelligence tool:

  1. select the Keyword Intelligence icon from the sidebar menu
  2. type your desired keyword phrase into the search bar
  3. select your relevant search region
  4. select your preferred search language
  5. Submit your query and give your report a moment to generate. Done!
Keyword Intelligence dashboard
Searching the keyword phrase "Elementor" within the BiQ Keyword Intelligence dashboard

Finding related keywords is easy with Related Keywords reports

Keyword Intelligence’s Related Keywords reports offer up a wealth of information about semantically related keywords that is easy to understand at a glance without being overwhelming, showing that designers at BiQ have payed close attention to their interface and user experience design.

Let’s explore some of the nuances of the Related Keywords report that will help you get the most out of your valuable data.

Related Keyword Report Results from BiQ
Related Keyword report for the keyword phrase "Elementor" generated in the BiQ Keyword Intelligence dashboard.

Keyword Overview

In the upper left you will find the Keyword Overview card which supplies you with the essential information about your keyword query, such as month-by-month trending, approximate monthly search volume, number of total search results, cost per click (for paid ads), as well as the competition (for paid ads). This information will always be available to you regardless of which report you choose to use.

Keyword Overview card in the BiQ Keyword Intelligence Report
The Keyword Overview card reveals basic information relating to the target keyword phrase

Related Keywords header

At the top of the Related Keywords report you will find the report header revealing important information about your target keyword such as Keyword Data and Keyword Intent.

Using minimal colour in their interface design ensures your eye catches the Keyword Intent information straight away. I prefer this interface design choice over other SEO tools’ interface because it saves from having to manually sort or filter through the entries in the list every time I search for a keyword to ensure my content is matching the search intent.

Related Keywords Table Header in BiQ's Keyword Intelligence Report
The related keywords report header reveals important information such as Keyword Data and Keyword Intent

Related Keywords results table

The related keyword results table reveals all of the semantically related keywords that are similar to your original keyword phrase. All of the data in this table is sortable as you might expect.

A great addition to the table is the on-hover tooltips in the table’s headers, aimed at helping new users better understand the data they are analyzing. It is clear that BiQ is trying to create a truly great user experience that doesn’t overload the user, but instead informs them step by step.

For those interested, the on-hover tooltip explanations for each of the table headers are:

  1. Related Keywords – Keywords related to your target keyword
  2. Trend – Trend shows the monthly search volume of a keyword overtime
  3. Volume – Average monthly search volume of a keyword
  4. CPC – Cost Per Click (CPC) is the estimated sum of money that advertisers are paying to bid on this keyword on Google Ads
  5. Comp – Competition is the number of advertisers bidding on each keyword, relative to all keywords across Google. It helps you understand how competitive the keyword is.
  6. Intent – The type of searcher’s intent for the keyword or phrases; informational, transactional, or navigational
  7. Value – A measurement of how valuable a keyword. Higher valued keywords give you more traffic at lower competition.
Related Keywords Table in BiQ's Keyword Intelligence Report
The related keyword results table reveals a wealth of valuable information at a glance

Another welcomed feature in the Related Keywords results table is the advanced filter. Located just above the table’s header, you can search through the current keyword list or modify the current keyword list based on several key indicators.

Modify the current keyword list by:

  • keywords that are directly or less related
  • long tail or short tail keywords
  • informational, transactional, or navigational keywords
  • including specific keyword(s) with AND/OR relationships
  • excluding specific keyword(s) with AND/OR relationships
Advanced Filter options in the BiQ Keyword Intelligence Report Dashboard
The Advanced Filters option in the BiQ Keyword Intelligence Report offers powerful options to find the perfect target keywords for your online business

Brainstorm new content types with Content Ideas

The Content Ideas report will generate a lis of keyword phrases to help you understand what kind of content works best with regards to your target keyword phrase. In the below example, the report discloses keyword phrases such as “custom”, “review”, “product” which helps figure out what kinds of posts might work for this particular target keyword phrase.

Content Ideas report of the Keyword Intelligence feature in BiQ
The Content Ideas report will help you brainstorm content ideas and see what posts might work best for your target keyword phrase

Content Ideas header

Each of the report headers will include many of the same indicators, but with different results depending on the report type. For example, the Content Ideas report header will disclose Keyword Data and Keyword Intent as it relates to the content ideas keyword phrases listed in the results table.

The Content Ideas header reveals important information such as Keyword Data and Keyword Intent

Content Ideas results table

The Content Ideas results table will help you to determine which types of content people publishing successfully based on your target keyword phrase. BiQ’s reporting does an exceptional job at reducing the list to only the essential pieces of content, giving you a high-level view of what types of posts might work for content in just seconds.

Content Ideas Results Table within the Content Ideas tab of the Keyword Intelligence feature in BiQ
The Content Ideas results table will help you brainstorm content ideas for your next post as it relates to your keyword phrase

Uncover new opportunities with Popular Questions

The Popular Questions report is basic, but don’t let that fool you; it is actually a powerful tool to help you easily rank in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)s.

Many of the questions listed in the Popular Questions report relating to your target keyword phrase are lucrative search queries. Provide the definitive answer to some of the popular questions within your content to generate a huge amount of impressions and traffic with Rich Snippet opportunities.

Popular Questions report in the Keyword Intelligence feature of BiQ
The Popular Questions report helps you discover new opportunities through the questions that are generating FAQ cards in the SERPs

Not only does the Popular Question report provide you with the question, but also the answer! Simply click the hyperlinked answer title to visit the article and quickly find out what you need to do to make an even better article for your visitors. Not bad for a two column report! 

Discover new trends with the Trending Searches report

The Trending Searches report uses AI powered suggestions that are constantly being updated to help you uncover trends in your niche, keeping you one step ahead of your competition at all times. Keep an eye out for searches that follow similar trends to your target keyword phrase in the Keyword Overview card, they could be related!

Trending Searches report in the Keyword Intelligence feature in BiQ
The trending searches report shows you up-and-coming topics similar to your target keyword phrase

We hope you learned a thing or two about BiQ’s Keyword Intelligence Tool. If you’re interested in learning more about BiQ, SEO, or growing an online business, sign up to our newsletter and get notified every time we release new content.

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