What Is Content Intelligence?

What is Content Intelligence? Content Intelligence describes a combination of software and systems tasked to analyze and understand content from a data-driven perspective. Marketers use Content Intelligence software to help them make better content, provide the best user experience for their viewers, and boost brand awareness. 

What Is BiQ's Content Intelligence Tool?

BiQ‘s Content Intelligence tool helps SEOs understand users’ true search intent through AI-powered suggestions to your content. BiQ’s AI ranks every paragraph in your content assigns a rating based on relevance, sentiment and readability. In addition, you’ll see Word Vector, Keyword SEO, and Fundamental SEO recommendations that will help you rank higher in SERPs.

Content Intelligence will measure your content against Google’s most crucial ranking factors, so you can keep focusing on providing the best user experience for your visitors without worrying, which is what matters most in the end. 

Keep in mind all of your data viewpoints can be saved to a collection for later use, in addition to being downloadable in .csv and .pdf formats, saving you countless hours and dollars.

Getting Started with Content Intelligence

Analyzing the results generated by BiQ’s Content Intelligence tool and implementing all of the recommendations can be time consuming, but every second is worth it to achieve maximum results on SERPs and optimal user experience. 

Here are the few simple steps you can take to start getting results with BiQ’s new Content Intelligence tool:

  1. select the Content Intelligence icon from the sidebar menu
  2. enter the url of the page you wish to analyze in the url field
  3. enter the primary target keyword of the page you are analyzing in the keyword field
  4. Submit your query and give your report a moment to generate. Done!
  5. don’t forget to export your report as a .csv or .pdf file or add it to a collection to view it later
BiQ's New Content Intelligence Tool default loading screen
Using BiQ's new Content Intelligence tool to analyze the first post we wrote in our BiQ series discussing BiQ's Keyword Intelligence Tool

Relevancy Checker Helps You Find Your Voice

The Relevancy Checker panel in the Content Intelligence tool analyzes your content line-by-line to ensure you are staying on topic, using the proper sentiment, and keeping your content readable by your target audience. 

Relevancy Checker Report in BiQ's Content Intelligence tool
BiQ's relevancy checker analyzes your content line-by-line and aids you in determining whether your content is readable by your target audience

The tooltip hover in the upper-left of the Content Relevancy results defines the following terms:

  • Relevancy: Shows how much relevant this section is to the targeted keyword.
  • Sentiment: Shows the sentiment of the section.
  • Readability: Tells you how easy it is to read the section. It takes into account the number of syllables in a word and the amount of words in a sentence as its base measurement.

Content Overview

The Content Overview card in the upper right reveals the overall readability and sentiment of your page; a summation of the line-by-line analysis from the relevancy checker. Other important information such as word count, semantic density, and keyword density are displayed here for reference.

Having access to a gauge that helps you to fine-tune your content’s sentiment gives you the ability to maximize impact, engage with your audience and ultimately grow your online business. 

The Readability and Sentiment Overview Card
The Content Overview card reveals readability and sentiment information to assists you in understanding your content's legibility from an unbiased standpoint

Word Vector SEO

Word Vector is an AI algorithm created by Google that helps Google learn about the relationship of words based on examples of actual language usage. What does this mean for your online business? You have to understand the topics you are creating content for if you want to be successful in ranking in SERPs for that content. It really is that simple. 

Word Vector is an AI algorithm created by Google that helps Google learn about the relationship of words based on examples of actual language usage.

Keyword SEO

The keyword SEO overview will help ensure that your content focuses on first and foremost on your target keyword. Ensuring that you utilize every SEO technique possible to satisfy both user search intent and search engines is an important step in optimizing your website and ranking number on in the SERPs.

Keyword SEO overview in BiQ's Content Intelligence tool
Keyword SEO overview in BiQ's Content Intelligence tool makes it easy to optimize your page for your focus keyword.

Fundamental SEO

The Fundamental SEO overview will provide you with general on-page SEO suggestions to aid you overtaking and maintain your number one spot in the SERP rankings. We found these to be generally easier suggestions to satisfy, so they seem to be a great place to start if you’re not sure where to begin making changes to your content based on all of the recommendations that are given by BiQs new content intelligence tool.

Fundamental SEO Overview in Content Intelligence
The Fundamental SEO overview gives general on-page SEO suggestions that are easy to implement and will boost your SERP rankings

BiQ’s new Content Intelligence tool powered with AI suggestions is the perfect place to start improving your SERPs rankings without creating a single piece of new content.

So far we’re thrilled with how easy the BiQ SEO suite is to use. Once again, the designers and developers at BiQ show us that they take their own medicine and focus first and foremost on the user experience.

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